March 2010 Archives

Welcome to our redesigned edgeperspectives website.  We hope you like it.  We want to make it a rich repository of our evolving perspectives on the world we live in.  Our intention is to draw you in, invite you to explore, make some unexpected connections, discover new ideas and people and, over time, build a stronger network of relationships among all of you.

Big ambitions.  But true to Internet tradition, we're going to start small and rapidly iterate as we learn more about you and your interests and needs.  This is just the beginning.  Trust us, there is a lot more to come, but we think you will find this first rev nourishing and worthy of repeat visits.

Our focus in this first stage of deployment is to provide you with a comprehensive collection of our work, focusing in particular on the collaboration that we have built over the past decade. Both of us are active on many fronts, speaking at diverse forums and engaging with many different groups on a variety of topics.  We have built up an independent blog, Edge Perspectives, a blog at Harvard Business Review and a column at BusinessWeek.  We churn out reports, working papers and articles for a broad range of publications.  We even write books together.  Until now, there has been no central gathering spot for all of these perspectives.  This site,, now provides that.

We also provide visitors to the site with an EDGE MAP, to help orient you and put our individual writings into a broader context.  Our individual writings are very much shaped by an emerging and evolving integrated perspective and the Edge Map seeks to make that context more explicit.  We are hopeful that this Edge Map will make unexpected connections, as you search for one topic and discover how we relate it to a variety of other themes.

At the same time we re-launch this site, we are also launching another site - - that we will continue to refine over time.  Our goal with this affiliated site is to reach out and give recognition to all the people that we have encountered on the edge who are helping the rest of us to more effectively understand the changes going on around us. Many of these people are already connected but many, surprisingly, are not.  We hope that we can serve as a catalyst helping to form richer connections both within the edgerati and, more broadly, with people who aspire to explore and understand the edges that are most relevant to them.